Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sunset from my rooftop

Rooftop photos.


  1. The leafless trees made the sky more dramatic and captivating. Did you use some sort of photo manipulation software on the picture, Buck? It looks different kinda different.

    Son Lakhani

    1. LOL! Son's right. I really is dramatic and captivating. The view, however, would be much more beautiful if there were birds flying in the sky.

      Neil Hirsh

    2. I agree with you, Neil. Buck, you might as well edit the pictures and put birds in it. :P But personally, the view is okay and the rooftop view is a very relaxing sight to see -- especially if it's as beautiful as that.

      Brendan Gertner

  2. Your commenters have very interesting imaginations, Buck. Haha! But I agree with them. However, since Halloween is near, I suggest you put bats instead. :) That would make it a fitting Halloween poster!

    Joanne Barragan