Thursday, May 20, 2010


I created a spider drawing of Nephila Philipes. Spiders of that genus live in austrailia and are documented bird eaters. I'm not sure if the philipes eats birds but I liked the way it looked so a drew a picture of it. I made a stencil of it and created a few editions of stencil paintings. There is one edition with the spider only titled "Nephila" along with a scene with the spider and a bird in it's web. I'm kinda a spider nerd. These paintings were kinda fun for me. This piece is out on Friday May 20th for sale.

The full scene version "Bad day for birds" will be out sometime after the weekend.

Edition size is 10.
Colors are black on silver.
Paper is Bristol smooth 260 GSM
Size of the piece is 9" X 12"
Issue price is $15

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