Friday, May 21, 2010

Playful doggy

Here's a new piece I came up with. I still really like this black lab. They are great dogs.

Paper editions come on 190 GSM or 300 GSM water color paper. Issue price is $15 per piece. Contact me if you want the canvas.

Playfull doggy canvas unique.

Playful doggy brown edition. Edition of 5. Acrylic background finished with acrylic spray paint.

Playful doggy water color background edition. Edition of six. Water color background finished with acrylic spray paint.


Angelic blue playful doggy. Edition of 6. Hand painted acrylic background finish with acrylic spay paint.

Uniques I came up with while working on various color schemes for playful doggy. Signed, titled and dated the back. Not numbered. Only uniques are signed on the back.

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