Monday, April 5, 2010

All about Buck's art and photos

I'm Buck. I work 40+ hours/weeks at a recycling company. I basically sort other people's trash. I realized a month or so ago that I have been listening to terrible life advice from people who don't know me or what they are talking about. There are a lot of negative people out there. Every time I talk to a friend about what I want to do they have something negative to say about it like "that won't work" or "that's a hair brained scheme". So I'm just not going to tell anyone anything that I'm doing from here on out. If my friends don't have anything positive to input into my life fuck them I will get new friends.

I have been doing photography for about seven year now. I started out with "Toy Camera" 35mm. I took a lot of pictures with my cheap little fixed focus camera. I scanned them and put them up on a website. Lots of people visited the website and I got pretty positive feedback on my photos. I liked working on the website but I never made a substantial income from my websites but I did learn a lot and I liked doing it. And let's face it. It is much better to be doing something you like than being stuck doing something you don't like.

I decided I would start up some new blogs and websites to share my art and photographs with the world and maybe make some money in meanwhile.

Some of them came out pretty good. I picked up a digital camera two years back and I love it.

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  1. Well Buck, it's very few people who get to make a living doing what they love. I say go for it! Your time will come. You are a very talented multi-media artist. I especially love your photographs and the night ship stencil painting you did recently. It would be an honor to hang some of your artwork in my house, and I would like to check out what you have for sale.